Consumption-to-Industry Concordance Table

  • In "Markups for Consumers" (Ganglmair, Kann, and Tsanko), we construct a concordance table between 4-digit COICOP (consumption) classes and 4-digit NACE (industry) classes. Download the file here.
  • If you decide to use the table, please cite the paper:

    Ganglmair, Bernhard, Alexander Kann, and Ilona Tsanko (2021): "Markups for Consumers," Journal of Economics and Statistics, 241(5-6), 2021 (November), pp 701-734

  • We are collecting research output that uses our table. If you'd like to be listed, please send us the paper or citation information.
  • If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you find any errors in the table, please reach out.

patccat - PATent Claim Classification by Algorithmic Text-Analysis

  • Find the data on Zenodo
  • Our current release is 3.3.0. We are planning an update with additional variables (and some fixed bugs) by early summer 2022.
  • For a detailed description of our data construction and a discussion of the data and results see our paper ("The Rise of Process Claims: Evidence from a Century of U.S. Patents") on SSRN. You can find the main findings in this short handout.
  • For a short summary of the project, take a look at this deck of slides (December 2021).

patccat - EPO edition

If you want to see more data useful for innovation research, check out the I3 Open Innovation Dataset Index.

Last changed: July 21, 2023