I study how laws, markets, and other societal institutions affect firms' incentives to invest in R&D and disclose their inventions to the public. I further study how these institutions and their role in R&D affect the competitive environment in the respective industries. My main field of research is innovation economics. I am also interested in the law and economics of privacy, contracts, and litigation.

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  • The Availability of Injunctions in Standard-Essential Patent Licensing
    with Benno Buehler and Dominik Fischer; March 2023

  • Readability and Disclosure in Privacy Policies: Evidence from the GDPR
    with Jacopo Gambato and Julia Krämer; July 2022

  • The Rise of Process Claims: Evidence from a Century of U.S. Patents
    with W. Keith Robinson and Michael Seeligson; April 2022

  • Strategic Information Disclosure: The Case of Pending Patents
    with David T. Angenendt and Jong-Min Oh; March 2022

  • Complexity, Standardization, and the Design of Loan Agreements
    with Malcolm Wardlaw; April 2017

  • Keeping a Secret Longer: Evidence from Patent Applications
    with Imke Reimers

Work in Progress

  • Do Trade Secrets Harm Competition?
  • Effects of Patent Declarations on Technology Standardization
  • Gender Role Models and Internet Standards Development
  • Competition, Innovation, and Productivity: Evidence from Germany
  • Do Commonly Held Firms Coordinate Their R&D? Evidence from Patents
  • Mergers and the Direction of Corporate Innovation
  • Innovation Strategy and R&D Tax Credits
  • Soft-Landing Contracts
  • The Disclosure Gap in Privacy Policies

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