Students, please email me for more information on bachelor and master's thesis supervision. I supervise both empirical and theoretical theses that address questions in the broader industrial organization and law and economics literature.

Current Teaching

In Fall 2023, I will be teaching a course on Competition Economics for LL.M. students, an Introduction to Text Analysis for M.Sc. in the economics program, and a reading course Topics in Law and Economics for economics PhD students. Contact me for more details.

Past Teaching

University of Mannheim
Economics of Innovation (M.Sc.) Spring 2022
Competition Economics (LL.M.) Fall 2019|2020|2021|2022|2023
Quantitative Methods for Lawyers (LL.M.) Fall 2021
Seminar: Topics in Competition Economics (M.Sc.) Spring 2019
Innovation Economics (PhD) Spring 2020|2021
Introduction to Text Analysis (M.Sc.) Fall 2022|2023
Reading Course Topics in Law and Economics (PhD) Fall 2023

University of Texas at Dallas
Business Economics (M.Sc.) Spring 2011|2013|2014|2018, Fall 2011|2015
Business Economics (Professional MBA) Spring 2015|2016
Topics in Industrial Organization (PhD) Spring 2012|2013|2014, Fall 2015|2017
Special Topics in Finance: Corporate Finance and IO (PhD) Summer 2013

Northeastern University
Innovation Economics (PhD) Spring 2017
Information Economics and Game Theory (B.A./B.Sc.) Spring 2017

University of Linz
Regulation and Antitrust (M.A./M.Sc.) Summer 2015|2017

University of Zurich
Advanced Microeconomics 1: Game Theory
(Übung; M.A./M.Sc.)
Fall 2008
Advanced Microeconomics 2: Microeconomics
(Übung; M.A./M.Sc.)
Spring 2008|2009

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